I am an artist, a crafter, and a developmental psychologist. Hence, I am combining the three to create a workshop that can help you to learn, grow, heal, and manage your emotions. Join me for a 5-session journey that will help you know yourself better and explore your emotions through different art and craft projects. No art and craft knowledge is necessary. You will get a gift pack that includes a handmade junk journal, tons of handmade ephemera, a mini watercolor set, a water brush, and other materials that you can use in the sessions. All sessions are online at the moment. Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. It can be done in 5 weeks or 2 half days. 

Session 1: Getting to Know Yourself

Session 2: Managing Stress

Session 3: Dealing with Negative Emotions

Session 4: Generating Positive Energy

Session 5: My Path, My Journey

 Price: US$ 1,250/person (group rate is available)

The journal you receive not only serves as a record of your growth during the sessions, but also serves as a record of your journey after that. 

Who should attend?

If you are interested in personal growth and would like to learn techniques to improve your overall wellness, this course is for you!


Sample Gift Packs:

* The following are a sample packs. Each pack is unique. Items in each pack are very similar but may look different.

  • Please email for details

Sample Gift Pack Go Through + Instructions

Pictures from Participants: