My Bike is Waiting for Me


The Bike Series:

Bikes to me are whimsical. They mean freedom. They will take you where you want to be while you are enjoying the surroundings. You may have a dream but not sure how to start. We all know that we are not going anywhere if we do not take the first step.

The first step can be as simple as getting onto a bike. You may not be certain about your path. You may be scared about what will be on the way to your destination. You may be worried that you do not have the energy to get all the way there. Let me tell you- it doesn’t matter! The surroundings you enjoy are just as important as getting to your destination.

I always believe that life will take us where we need to be. There may be detours or shortcuts along the way, just keep pedaling! Get on your bike today! Enjoy your journey and appreciate the surroundings while on your “bikes.”

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  • Matted Height: 11 inches; Width: 14 inches
  • Print Height: 8 inches; Width: 10 inches



  • Giclée Prints on Studio Textured Watercolor Paper
  • An Acid-free mat and card stock backing set is included
  • Picture Frame is not included


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